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Pashinian: The KGB has lost. Pt. 2.

You can say whatever you like about Nikol Pashinian, but even his detractors will admit that the man definitely has a pair. Would Presidents Chickenshit Present and Chickenshit Past act so macho if they were in Pashinian's position, daily making complete fools out of a couple of leguminous dictators without an entourage of body-guards?

Pashinian: The KGB has lost, the KGB must be torn down. Pt. 2.
Paykar! April 28, 2008.

KGB revanchism

Serzh Sargsyan became the head of National Security in 1995 after Davit Shahnazarian. By strengthening his position in this capacity and getting ready for the the change in government that was coming in 1998, Serzh Sargsyan began to liberate himself from the cadres of Davit Shahnazarian and replaced them with former KGB personnel, called professional cadres. These are the same people in whose rooms now hang portraits of Felix Dzerzhinski. In any case, those at the NSS with Shahnazarian (there weren't many of them, and Shahnazarian did not engage in a war of personnel at the NSS, only making politically important changes) were not professionals, but they understood that Armenia is an independent country: they had fought for that independence; in the same way, the first generation of Dzerzhinski's Cheka were not particularly adept at carrying out operations, but they had fought for the creation of that country, the country whose interests their organization was supposed to serve. And, incidentally, Davit Shahnazarian became the head of Armenia's special services only after it became clear that that organization intended to continue serving Moscow as before and did not want to pursue the goals of the President of independent Armenia. I became aware of an incident that took place during Serzh Sargsyan's tenure at the NSS through an article about the now-former head of the committee in charge of Customs, Armen Avetisyan. But it is only a small episode in the long history of the corruption of the NSS. The pinnacle of that corruption was the crime of October 27, 1999. Let us remember that up until the creation of the Secret Service, it was the NSS, itself, that was responsible for the protection of high-level diplomats, and aside from the victims of October 27th, those murdered during Serzh Sargsyan's tenure at the NSS include Supreme Justice of the R.A. Henrik Khachatryan, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Defence Vahram Khorkhorian, and head of the Interior Ministry Ardzrun Margaryan. During the same time period, a group of people surrounding Serzh Sargsyan collected the primary capital, becoming millionaires.

And when it became necessary for Serzh Sargsyan to quit his post as the head of the NSS, and when the Kocharian government had regained its secure position, the national security system received its final, deadliest blow. The special services (as well as the police) were removed from the system of government services and were turned into a service close to the government [i.e., they became tools for Kocharian], founded on corresponding laws. What this change meant was that the head of that organization was no longer going to be a minister [answerable to the people, other ministers, courts], but a boss--no longer a political figure, but a representative of the status quo. And if we take into consideration the fact that the NSS had by that time been filled with individuals who prayed in front of the image of Dzerzhinsky, who were hermetically sealed from the independence of Armenia and self government, and who considered and still consider their ideals and themselves as belonging to the KGB, it will become clear that Armenia de facto remains without a national security system. Today we have an organization made up of saldaphons [1] that is oblivious to the imperative to create a national and independent government and is ready to take orders, only. In this way, the NSS was reduced from a government institution to a senseless tool, becoming one of the main pillars of the criminal government.

1. Armenian սալդաֆոն from Russian салдафон?

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