Thursday, August 12, 2010

If the ideology whose outcome is the now obvious destruction of the middle-class is a vine that has its roots in early-mid 1970s New York City, then the vine's first vomit-flower was Ronald Reagan. Misguided, so-called "sensible" liberals will draw a distinction between Democrats and Republicans, even after that point, but the truth as I see it is that Bill Clinton and Barak Obama were far worse than Reagan, even Bush, in the sense that they fused corporate-stalinism with cutting-edge marketing to create the ur-charming, satanic minion politician. Americans continue to live in denial. What will it take to wake them up?

Monday, May 24, 2010

A reassessment.

I haven't been posting for a good long time now, about a year. The truth is that I got sick and tired of the bullshit that is politics, and I stopped listening.

Ninety-nine percent of politicians are like the product of a gene-splicing experiment conducted by aliens that unites the instincts of maggots with the bodies of humans. That's why politicians can commit the same crimes over and over again, and still manage to get in front of the cameras and smile that characteristically repulsive smile. Their irresistible maggot's instinct drives them to continue to bore deeper and deeper into the shit-for-brains that watch television.

And, really, that is where true tragedy lies: The fact that people believe it. It's not so much the lies that politicians tell that is maddening, but the fact that people keep believing them. Why keep listening to the douche-bags? Why keep bearing witness to the general population's servile ignorance?

So I quit. And let me tell you, I don't feel like I've missed a thing. I really don't. Not a fucking thing. Even without actively pursuing politics, I've noticed through the bits and pieces of the news that float around in the air like anthrax spores and occasionally manage to besmirch my consciousness that nothing has changed. And I look up at the sky, and I thank the Lord for liberating me from the bondage of ascribing any value to politics.

I'm getting the urge to write again, but I don't want to write, think, or even hear about politics. Fuck politics. The only thing its good for is working me up into a nice, self-righteous rage or, occasionally, demoralizing me to the point that I start thinking that there is no future. Fuck that.

Of course, some will say that I am doing exactly what politicians want, withdrawing from the political process. The answer is, No, not really. In democratic societies, people are called on to be diligent in their monitoring of politicians in order to keep them honest. I already know that not a damn thing politicians do is honest.