Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kill them back. The Turks. (Wow. Nationalist Kool-Aid tastes Gooooood...)

And let's take our lands back. I'm so sick and tired of them, these Turks. Let's just kill them. It's easy. You just pick up a machete and you chop your neighbor's head off.

No problem: It is machete + head = dead motherfucker.


Let's do it.

I am personally going to skull-fuck every rapist of an Armenian girl. Nobody rapes an Armenian girl and gets away with it. I am, to be candid, pretty fucking sick of hearing about it.

You see this:

That was in the 1960's.

Nice sentiment. This is now: Kill them all. They've raped our women and taken our land. Really? I'll rape you back you motherfucker! Ten years, twenty years, a hundred years after. You'll pay!

Don't UN-hate a Turk, RE-hate a Turk. And HATE them over and over and over again.

And then the MI6 and the GRU and the NSA can have a field day... And then we'll fuck them, too, those retarded intelligence agencies that can't tell the difference between a bureaucratic mistake and a typo. Or maybe that's the same thing... Maybe the CIA can tell the difference, or maybe nobody can... (dot, dot, dot)

Or maybe you can just BITE people:

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