Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why did Russians kill this man?

Russians will pay for a long time for this. They killed him:

And let me repeat this: Why did Russians kill this man, and why did people like Kocharian and Sargsyan approve?

I'm not a Monte Melkonian fan. He said many things that are lies. But you can't murder people like that. I know his brother said that everything was un-suspicious. But I think the man was murdered.

I think the Russians killed him.

OK, so sue me. Nobody this cool dies a natural death.


Shiva said...

I hadn't heard Russians before.

I had heard he was killed by:
a) Azeris
b) Armenians

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

That's what they say, but I think the story highly suspicious. The story goes that he and two others went to a weapons cache, and there were Azeri soldiers there. Right. Azeri soldiers happened to be hanging out in what amounts to a parking lot.

Doesn't make any sense.

Monte had a problem with Russian-backed Syrian intelligence from back in the good old Lebanese war. They killed him.

If someone thinks I'm wrong about this, then feel free to send me a PM with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Monte pushed for the kelbajar attack in direct opposition to LTP who wanted no part of naxichevan or kelbajar.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

So what you're saying is that LTP had him killed.

Right? That's what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

LTP killing Monte is as likely as any other theory.

Monte stood for what LTP was against.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Pardon me while I unembed myself from the wall facing the monitor after your explosive comment: "LTP killing Monte is as likely as any other theory."

What you're saying is that the "theory" that the Russians killed Monte is as relevant as the theory that LTP killed Monte, right?

Mind blowing.

Well, the idea that LTP killed Monte has one big problem: If LTP wanted to neutralize Monte, I think, and I have no proof of this other than the sanity in his writings, if he wanted to neutralize Monte, he would have come up with a better way than killing him.

It's far more likely that the FSB, that went by the name of the KGB for part of the time of the history that we are talking about, killed Monte.

Why did the Russians kill Monte? Because Armenian and Russian interests don't always coincide. Russian Armenians need to get off of the Russian tit, and start sucking on the Armenian tit. I guarantee that it is far sweeter.

Anonymous said...

It was not just the Russians, but also cooperation from LTP, KGB, ghosts from Melkonian’s past, Armenian mafia (who Melkonian was hampering their criminal activity) and of course the Azeris, who were invited in by the Armenians to carrying out the actual killing. If you want to know the truth or get a little bit closer to it, find someone in Azerbaijan who will provide you with information of who from the Azeri side was killed that day. From what we have learned, not only were there heroes decorated for Melkonian’s death (these are Azeris who if willing to talk can tell of what really happened), but the Azeris lost 3 high-ranking commanders and quite a few soldiers in the operation that took the life of Monte Melkonian. Melkonian was clearly not part of the establishment and because of this was not part of a larger plan to effectively hand over Armenian lands to Azerbaijan, as it seems was decided long before the Artsakh conflict began. For this reason Melkonian had to be murdered. Melkonian truly represented the voice of the people and their desire to retain their rights to live a free and fair life on their ancestral homeland, thus the Armenians had an unpredicted victorious conclusion to their struggle. If Melkonian was not murdered on June 12, 1993, who knows where the preset day boarders of Armenia would have reached.