Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facebook Baby

Ran into this photo today that I think expresses the internet saturation that some people are starting to feel. It is by Zina Saunders, and I think the point she makes in her essay about venture capitalists trying to monetize the internet is right on, especially when you look at sites like Facebook and the arrogant, greedy shits that came up with them. Anyway, here's to avoiding the dystopic future that might be in store for all of us along with the rest of the catastrophes lined up like black crows.


Ani said...

About ten years ago, I thought about writing a sci-fi story (I know, thinkin' ain't doin', Ani-jan!) where society had been reconfigured: Instead of nationalism, people were tribally divided between the Pepsis and the Cokes, and all the other Zoroastrian black/white brands lined up likewise. But it's approaching the non-sci fi category all too quickly, I'm afraid.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

That's funny, I was thinking the same thing.

The future doesn't look so good, I'm sorry to say. People in general seem content to sit on their asses and watch the world get taken over by glorified middle-managers called CEOs, as if they are anything but a sick social mutation combining the mind of an accountant with the ethics of a used-car salesman let loose by deregulation.

This gangrenous limb called the American Empire is about to drop off, and Obama isn't going to do a damn thing about it. That much was clear back when he picked Larry Summers. Whatever.

Fat, lazy-minded couch potatoes that pass for human beings nowadays think "responsibility" means getting up and going to their shit jobs every day. Good luck fuckers. You deserve what you are going to get.

nazarian said...

You guys gotta hear the marketing people. It's their dream to have everyone branded. It's not as crude as branding people (they talk about brand association in a person's mind like a young person associating with Pepsi rather than Coke, or a sporty person associating with Red Bull [and crap like that]) when they talk but they essentially say the same thing. They spend a lot of effort on this.

[un]Fortunately, people are fickle and change their minds all the time. In your example, Microsoft is a dinosaur and not a lot of people associate with it (they are forced to use their services). Facebook can become the same thing (remember Myspace?).

Ani said...


Saw it, liked it, worth it for the slow-mo fight between the two warring CEOs of two multinational skin-care companies (Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson). Then there's Julia Roberts smiling, which I assume that Armen will particularly like :) Ani liked Clive Owens smiling, too!