Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rich people don't give a shit what your skin color is.

After all the pontificating today, let us, Americans all, contiuiating in the traditions of our forefathers, continuiating in the rhetoric of said, aforementioned, forefathers, let us regurgitate, erm, I mean, affirm, this fact: Rich people don't give a shit what your skin color is. RICH people don't give a SHIT what your skin color is. What they care about is whether you're rich or poor. If you're rich, it's cool; if you're poor, they will continue to FUCK you in DA ASS.

They even had a preacher say some very stirring words today. He even mentioned the "yella" people. It was ridiculous, it was a lie, it was unbelievable.

Fuck, should'a voted for Nader.

UPDATE: Fuck it all to hell. (Stupid fucking idiots going "yay" for a corporate procession. And that is what Obama's limousine cavalcade was today, a corporate procession. Locke would not condone this. Locke is the philosopher behind the American Constitution, mind you. Come to think about it, American liberal humanism is not about the exploitation of labor. And the exploitation of labor is what America has been supporting, and for a very, very long time. So, yeah--Fuck You--and George Washington is on my side.)


parisan said...

Who cares indeed if the new president's father was African or Black? The skin color of Obama means nothing compared to his silence during the latest massacre in Gaza.

The U.S.A. is that strange country where an idiotic president is replaced after eight long years with a man celebrated partly for his mixed ethnic background. What should we expect next?

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Nothing. Expect nothing. It's all bullshit, and it repeats itself for eternity.