Monday, December 1, 2008

Power and Madness.

This post is about Samantha Power. Take a look at this picture:

Look at her face. She looks like she wants to be Virginia Woolf.

In any case, look at the box. They have her sitting on a box with a hole in it, dressed in a very pretty dress.

Why do they have her sitting on a box with a hole in it?

I mean a A HOLE in it, for Christ's sake?

What the fuck is all this about?

(On the other hand, her expression, the very every-day non-attractiveness of it, and the blandness of the whole spectacle, the three crevices at the stomach, make her so wonderfully everyday, that I think I might blow an 800GB, 10GHz computer.)


parisan said...

Because there is a rat inside.

I told you: Power and the Monster, they work together.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

It's perverse. But there is something else there.

Or at least I am hoping that there is.

It's all so Obama, all Jan. 20t, meaning that I am going to try to suspend judgment.

parisan said...

she is a figure of death, nothing else. The colors and the pose, and that hole that opens into darkness; she sits on it: Her throne is that empty question.

And she said the truth, because she knows: H. Clinton is a monster.