Sunday, November 23, 2008

Samantha Power

How can I express how I love this woman?

I'll put up her address:

She got cut because she called Hillary Clinton a "monster."

Hillary Clinton is a monster.

Only the good die young...


Ani said...

I think the monster's actual name is "Billary" rather than Hillary. The kabuki play that's been going on for the past two weeks is an effort to extract the essence of Hillary out of Billary, to bring the "big dog" to heel, to force him to do tricks, to pry that list of 208,000 donors from his sticky fingers, and then to make him go quietly into his cage.

And, when you see Hillary and Barack together, there's actually a chemistry between them that's lacking between Hillary and Bill. I think Hillary was definitely more than okay with this whole scenario. After all, Bill has treated both Hillary and Obama badly, and he has it all coming to him. Hillary as president could never have shaken him off, but, perhaps she can as Secretary of State.

I read somewhere recently (forgot where) that after many years, nearly all marriages either become a brother/sister relationship, or an enemy camp. Not always true, but the Clinton marriage is definitely a fascinating study, and I think probably it tends toward the latter of those two choices.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

One minute she's a resident of Arkansas, the next minute she's the Senator from New York. I was living in NYC then, and I was all wtf just happened? I'm having the same experience now with the Sec of State appointment. Why pick someone who campaigned for Barry Goldwater ffs, the man with a pathological hatred for unions who wanted to invade China. Goldwater was the political harbinger of what was to come, starting with Reagan, the turncoat who gave Goldwater's speech.

I'm willing to wait until January to make a judgment, but I have to say Obama is taking this Abraham Lincoln thing too far. The only thing that should be reaching across the isle right now should be rocket propelled grenades. Drive a stake through their undead hearts so they don't rear their sore infested heads for another thousand years.

Ani said...

While Hillary was a brilliant student and a teacher's pet, she's really also always been someone's girl and not an original mind. She was brought up in a conservative Republican household and accepted the views of her father--that's where the Goldwater views came from. After she went to college and got exposed to other viewpoints, she changed her opinions and her affiliations.

But still, her strengths are her articulateness and her willingness to work hard (the things you get the good grades for), which makes her better carrying out somebody else's ideas--not a bad thing at all when you're the Secretary of State. She would have been an absolute disaster as a president, because, really, Bill would have been president again.

The women you admire, like Samantha Power, are great original minds and stand in no one's shadow. But they're a different generation than Hillary, just like Obama's a different generation than Jesse Jackson. It does give one some hope for the world...

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Well, erm, maybe she'll listen to what Obama says, which is what I think you're saying--she listens to her father figures. That's what you're saying, right?

Well, here's my answer: Her father figures are all assholes.

I'd rather have Power saying what she thinks than have Billary repeat talking points from redneck jerks.

Plus, Power's bones are so much more jumpable.

parisan said...

Aren't they not going to be working together after all, Power and the Monster?

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

No, they killed Power. Damn them.

Ani said...

Something happened to Samantha?????

(I was thinking U.N. Ambassador for her}

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

"Killed" in the figurative sense. She's still at Harvard, I think. The same school whose business school gave us this financial crisis, what with them teaching armies of semi-retarded young republicans creative accounting and whatnot.

Ani said...

Okay...I really don't think that she and Fareed Zakaria have been deleted from the Blackberry, but time will tell.

Wharton's got to shoulder some of the blame for this mess, too, don't you think?

Anyway, as for Hillary, looks like our Barry has already found her a new guy to boss her around: nothing like a four-star Marine general to keep her from getting off-message.