Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obama #3--or #2B, to be more specific.

I said "Fuck you" to Obama last time, and now I want to make clear which Obama I was saying "Fuck you" to.

There are, actually, three Obamas. I've said there are two Obamas, but, in fact, Obama #2 is two-partite. So, just to get our Obamas straight, let me list them:

There is Obama #1--He's the perceived Obama, Jesus Christ.

There is Obama #2--The real Obama. Except there are two real Obamas, so let's break this down.

There is Obama #2A: The Obama that has to do what he has to do. The Establishment Obama, the scripted Wall Street plant. The man who has to fit the suit that has already been tailored--meaning the man who would appoint as his Chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel: Israeli citizen, son of an Irgun terrorist, as in real terrorist with blood on his hands, and AIPAC ass licker. Good going, Mr. Change.

Then there is Obama #2B: He's the Obama that I support. He might even be a real socialist, a person who's hung out with "radicals," someone not a stranger to Malcolm X, someone who's "palled around with 'terrorists,'" someone who knows what real change is. An academic with nerdy jokes.

The "Fuck you" from the last post was directed at Obama #2B, because when I see someone I think I understand act like a fucking hypocrite, it annoys me. I wanted to make that clear. Standard neocons would never get a "fuck you" from me, because they are beneath me. That's right: the standard neocon is not worth insulting, because it would be like getting mad at a piece of charcoal.

Obama #2B, the real Obama, in my imagination, is someone I really do think I could have a beer with, except it wouldn't be a beer. So it pains me, it annoys me to no end, that he, Obama #2B, would act like such a fucking hypocrite.

Ergo, "Fuck you, Obama"--Obama #2B.


Ani said...

The answer, of course, is d) None of the above.

Obama is a Chicago pol, neither an empty suit nor a radical. He won't be what you want, but if he can at least apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding it can help.

And a new Supreme Justice or two that is not in the mold of Scalia, Thomas, or Roberts is to me like stopping the Turks at the gates of Vienna.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you Armen, although you can't bring yourself to it, from the "cockeyed optimist." At least Sarah won't be the veep....

parisan said...


Ani said...

That guy you voted for? They just located him:

This guy wouldn't have gotten elected president, though...