Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jinx, You Owe Me Zankou!

I actually wondered for a second whether one of these retards isn't my cousin or someone I know:

I don't condone pot-smoking, because smoking pot makes one very, very stupid--as in drooling at the mouth stupid to the point that you don't remember what you were trying to say when you started the sentence... I mean that as a statement of fact and not as a moral lesson, or anything like that.

In any case, this is a very real piece of Armenian history, done by everyday Armenians.

Zankou, for those who don't live around here, is Zankou Chicken, a fast food franchise in the L.A. area started by an Armenian (who was murdered by a family member, if I remember correctly [actually, yes, I do remember correctly, now that I have looked it up]). It's good chicken, I must say. They have a potato-paste garlic sauce (a kind of starched-up aioli) that goes a long way in making a pita-wrapped piece of chicken breast heavenly, especially with the pickled vegetables and, of course, the pepperchinos.

And 818 is the area code for the Glendale area. It's a gang thing that these kids are picking up as an accoutrement. Another funny thing about the clip is is "bllik." "Bllick" is what you think it is, if what you're thinking is hard, although "bllick" does just as well refer to the soldier in his off-duty state, too--you know, relaxed.

I won't list the sordid details, but these are arevmtahays and parskahays fucking around. Because arevmtahays and parskahays have been around Glendale for ever.

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