Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fuck you, Obama.

You're appointing Summers to what now?

That's the last fucking straw: Lawrence Summers Director of National Economic Council.

It's over: This thing called Obama is OVER.

Go fuck yourself you Kenyan shit kicker. Go fuck yourself you goddamn pussy. Go fuck yourself you goddamned liar about what you are going to do. You're just another Wall Street plant.


parisan said...

Calm down! Everything is going well and according to the plan.

A moron posed as the president, and now we have somebody posing as a Black man. During the last eight years we asked ourselves this question: "Can he really be so dumb?" and now we'll ask ourselves this other question: "Is he really such a double-face?"

Obama and the Gang will take us all on the path of massacres and destruction, for the ultimate goodness of population control.


Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Isn't that the truth: Obama posing as a black man. Classic.

Reminds me of this:


Ani said...

You'll get through this; meanwhile, do you have someone there who can tie you to the bed while you suffer withdrawal pains? I do think thou protest too much, but let's meet here same time next year and see how it's all going.

Here's a link, just to torture you a bit: http://tinyurl.com/5pk5kg

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Erm, this cold turkey was just a cold turkey: it was cold, and it was a turkey.

It's back to the reality-based community of a marxist-anarchist revolution that nobody believes in or could pull off, but hope springs eternal.

What the fuck, you only live once, right?

nazarian said...

While I think Larry Summers is an arrogant ass, his economic capabilities will probably add value to the Obama administration. America is in big trouble so Obama will need all the good economic advice he can get. There quite a few other intellectuals in the administration to counter Sumner's bigotry.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Baaahh! WTF?

Summers always has been a fucking ass-wipe of Wall Street. He is going to be bringing to Obama's administration--nothing.

When Obama brought him in, I checked out. The whole thing is a joke. Nothing has changed.

Ani said...

Well, personally I voted for "change I can believe in", not "change".

I voted for somebody who could speak in complete sentences, who would dial down the chest-thumping and war-mongering, who would show the world that the U.S. believes that living people are at least as important as fetuses, and that it is a place where not just old white males or bottle-blonde bimbos can be in charge of things.

I didn't think Obama was a secret radical (he is a secret anthropologist), but if he can at least appoint people on the basis of competence rather than their religious or political views, things really can at least get better--and that's change I can believe in.

Haik said...

It is the system. The global society is too deep in the capitalistic fetishism. America is even deeper. Not many people have Fidel's guts.

parisan said...

One has to be blind or desperate not to see what's coming. We know that the U.S. presidential elections in 2000 and 2004 were both stolen; convincing evidence exist. Yet neither Gore nor Kerry opposed the results, and in the end, Pelosi and the whole Democratic establishment refusing to support the impeachment protocol launched by Kucinich, with 35 well-documented accusations, against G.W; Bush.

There still are two political parties in the U.S.A., but they only exist to justify competition between those who are willing to serve the Overall Masters, and those who want to serve them even better.

This should be obvious: In the old days the pharaohs exhausted their people by forcing them to build gigantic pyramids. Today they stage wars and they waste our money.

One trillion $ = One hundred million men working for $10 an hour, 10 hours a day, during 100 days.

Obama supports the so-called bailout, and the so-called war-on-terror, and that's just enough for me to understand that there won't be any change.

garen said...

Here's an interesting Indymedia article I found (long before Obama got elected)

As Ani rightly put it, "personally I voted for "change I can believe in", not "change". " -- and that's what politics within the Society Of The Spectacle really boils down to.

With the systematization and institutionalization of the modern banking system in early 19th century, we also saw the parallel abolition of slavery in mid 19th C. These two, semingly unrelated events, could actually be intricately related, for the problem of wage-slavery, which came to replace old models of domination and control, has been spearheading the concerns of labour movements within capitalist societies ever since. Zombie-Consumerism, commodity-fetishism, unnecessary-needs, ontological dependencies of all sorts, stockpiles of Prozac and ammunition, politics of fearmongering, lifestyle-obsessions - are but a few modes of mass pacification. Today they keep telling us that we all have vested interests in upkeeping this Grand Illusion - the system that has proven itself both finite and obsolete.

But I tend to go with Fred Nietzsche on this one: that which is rotting and is about to collapse does not deserve to be saved, but deserves to be pushed.

The time may come when people may start realising that conquest of one's labour as means to social transformation, is by now not only possible and necessary, but may be an obligation...
It's all there, not in "Communist Manifesto", but in "We The People..."