Monday, November 24, 2008

Destroy This!

Glendale? This jack-ass knows something about Glendale?

Please, visit this retardlican and finish his ridiculous comments about Glendale and Armenians.

He knows nothing about Glendale, and he knows nothing about Armenians. And that Kim Kardashian boz that he has on can go you know what. Armenians don't belly dance, asshole.

"My Armenian friends told me that they settled here because the Verdugo mountains reminded them of their "beloved" mountains of Armenia."

That's what he says. I'll teach you a lesson about beloved mountains. Me em dass sovoratsnelu kezi, srika. Ari, "beloved mountain" neri het enk khoselu. De Ari. Me em nant latsatsnelu.

Kill this idiot.

Finish this imbecile off:

Right Here.


parisan said...

It's very lazy work, I'll give you that. The camerawork is ugly, the voice is annoying, and after one minute I already closed the window despite my curiosity for Glendale, which I have heard so much about, but never seen.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Glendale is like the New Jersey of Los Angeles: The Suburbs, but with a lot of Armenians.

I could tell you a lot about Glendale, Jigar.

Glendale, minus this prick would be a good thing. Get on his case and beat the fucker down.

War Now, war always!

Ani said...

I learned a whole lot more about Glendale from "The Shield." Especially that the Armenian mob cut off people's feet for revenge ;) And Franka Potente looked SO Armenian....

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Armenian mafia? They're all wearing suits now and living in mansions.

Anyway, this myth about Armenians moving to Glendale because the Verdugo mountains reminded them of Ararat needs correcting.

First of all, the Verdugo mountains look absolutely nothing like Mt. Ararat, or Aragatz, or any other Armenian mountain. The Verdugo mountains aren't mountains, even, they're pimples--dry, brown pimples.

Second, the first Armenians to move to Glendale weren't from Armenia and the only place they'd ever seen Mt. Ararat was in pictures. They were from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, places like that, and they were students, like my uncle who came here in '67--he went to Vermont, then Texas, then he moved to Glendale, settled down, and got his engineering degree from Cal State LA. That's how Armenians came to the US in general in latter half of the 20th century, as students.

So, by the time West Asia (aka Middle East) was thrown into turmoil in the late 70s and early 80s, many Armenians already had peeps here, and that's why they moved here, in massive numbers. And there were no Armenians from Armenia then either--it was all Arevmtahays and Parskahays.

Native Armenians didn't start moving to Glendale until after independence, especially during the war, the "cold and dark" years, 92-94.

That's how it happened; it had nothing to do with the Verdugo mountains and everything to do with finding an affordable, clean place to live near a university.

One of the many other offensive misunderstandings in the video about Glendale is the belly dancer that it opens with. Armenians don't fucking do belly dancing. Armenians don't even move their hips when they dance--the Church forbade it.

Anybody whose "family has lived in Glendale all [his] life" would know that. Obviously, this guy doesn't know many Armenians. The ignorant prick has lived among Armenians his whole life and doesn't know the first thing about them. Obviously, Armenians to him are the Other--to be feared and exoticized.

Ergo: The Armenaker Kamilion is officially declaring War against these type of jackasses. Hunt them down and crush them like cockroaches beneath the righteous heel of justice.