Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin, the Bully.

The Bully with the smile and the toss of her head.

There is a wealth of precious Palin You Tube videos. This is one of my favorites:

"Who are hurtin' because the economy is hurtin'"

"Whatever we can do. Whatever Todd and I can do, in, in, realizing whatever their [red state poor] challenges in that state are, as we [the Palin family] can relate to them and connect to them and promise them that we won't let them down in the administration--I wanna get back to Michigan and I wanna try."

She wants the chance to convince the red-state poor to vote for Wall Street.

What a self-sacrificin' reader of all and any newspapers.

You can't make this shit up.


parisan said...

not only she couldn't name any newspaper she read (or doesn't) but she's a lier, and a bad one. Her hypocrisy seems to be just as tremendous as that of Bush and his administration's.

who'd want a person like that to be their leader?

"They" (the corporate plutocrats) have turned the White House into a circus stage for imbeciles, but we-the-people still don't get it...

it's hurtin, because "they" are hurtin us

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

She's a middle-class person who doesn't have any qualms about lying to the middle-class, now that that's her career.

She's a hypocrite. A winking, smiling, folksy hypocrite.

Ani said...

Funny quote via AP article on Yahoo:

Analysis: Palin's words may backfire on McCain
"It's a giant changing of the subject," said Jenny Backus, a Democratic strategist. "The problem is the messenger. If you want to start throwing fire bombs, you don't send out the fluffy bunny to do it. "
It's easy to have confidence when you really have no idea, and when you've lived in a small, homogeneous town all your life, you just naturally think that everybody's like you, or should be. It's good they're letting her get enough rope to hang herself--and hopefully McCain, the gambler, too.

In case you didn't know about his gambling "habit":

garen said...

She's a careerist snake: she was brought in to do the job of boosting McCain's campain (which she did for a while), but now that she sees that McCain's campaign is all but sinking, she is building her own name (maybe for the next election). The morning after the election results are announced, she's gonna turn around and give her own explanations: "Oh, but we'd quit on Michigan, while I still wanted to go on campaining there". She's building her failsafe alibi already.