Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lessons from the US.

We're constantly hearing about how Armenia, a "third world country," has a serious problem with voter fraud. Well, here are some lessons from the US in how to perpetrate voter fraud that Serj might want to pay attention to:

Voter fraud does happen in the US, it is real, and it is going to happen on Nov. 4th. So, two things:

1. Stop pretending that the US is the democratic standard that all nations should be measured against: The US is a voter-fraud shit-hole that is rapidly becoming a second-world country.

2. Go here.

Update: They nixed the last link to the segment I linked to on You Tube. I've got a new link up to the same segment. Hope it stays there.

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Garen said...

Records show that this was happening since the earliest days of American democracy and as this video shows, still is alive and kicking.
Voting and vote-rigging go hand in hand. As the founder of , I can tell that vote rigging has been (and still continues to be) attempted even on such an innocent website like -- from it's earliest days till now. As expected most of these attempts came from person from "accross the isle" if we call it mildly ;) -- Surprise, surprise, eh? is the Mecca of vote-fraud, where every digger has at least 8 accounts.

But, at least in digital world of cyberspace it is a lot easier to guard against voting-fraud than in real life.

I guess, Democracy and voting are two sepaate concepts. Democracy is a much broader principle that encompases a whole mirriad of values and standards. Voting is just a ritual -- a reverance of the Spectacle.