Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hatspanian kicks some Dashnak ass.

[Photo by Onnik Krikorian]

Impudent, interruptative (there isn't such a word) Dashnak, versus literate ass-kicker, Hatspanian.

One of the many interesting things about this debate is that they are both Western Armenians, judging by their--very slight--accents. In any case, the highlight of the clip is how Hatspanian pwns the Dashnak towards the end.

Full disclosure: Probably, the most traffic that my site has gotten from a post is from my translation of Hatspanian's account of March 1st.

One more thing: notice that the camera favors the Dashnak (guy on the left side of screen [but on the right side of the ideology])

(Thanks to Tzitzernak for picking up on this and translating key parts of the discussion. Tzitzernak always picks up on all the interesting stories, really.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, so it does work!!!
I have to brag a little bit here! lol
I don't post on anyone's blog although I always read different blogs via Tzitzernak's blog...
This is my first post, so through Tzitzernak, then Unzipped I found ur Hatspanyan account's translation and distributed it on YT, and now u say it was the most visited post, so ppl do read!;-)))

I guess neither u , nor Mika have seen my videos:

Btw, YT Dashnaks keep on sending rape and death threats not only for me but even for my baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't we have this video on YT?
Isn't it possible to upload it there?


Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

The Dashnaks might be wrong for Armenians, but the rape and death threats are not a staple of their diet.