Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's all Oliver Cromwell's fault. Pt. II.

Come to think of it, this series deserves a subtitle: Armenian Anthropology 101: Know who's fucking with you: The English. (We'll get to the Russians in good time, don't worry).

So look at King Charles's portrait in the post below. Look at his clothes: a combination of silk, cotton, wool, and velvet. Not bad for the 17th century. The crown is shown just behind his left hand: The sign of power. But, most importantly, look at his left hand. It is resting on something right around the elbow. His left wrist is relaxed, can afford to casually hang down, because his left elbow is being supported by something. That something is the hilt of his sword. You can't really see it, the hilt of his sword, but that, in itself, is a point: He doesn't show off his power, he suggests it.

Let that be a lesson to us who live in the current age: King Charles's portrait tells us that He has the power to kill. The left wrist can casually hang, because the right arm can reach over and draw the sword, and--eviscerate. And he really could do that.

He lived in an extraordinary age, just like we do. He leaned Catholic, and lost. Except Catholic and Protestant are religious interpretations with a history far more interesting than what they write in the textbooks. Take the Hussites, for example, and the first guns.


parisan said...

Yes, to everything. Well written. Thank you!

When the king had a sword, fine, you too could get your hands on a sword. But when the prezzzident has nukes and DU and night vision and drones and men in black and the federal reserve, what can you do?

But we have our mind, have we not?

Haik said...

However his sword could not help , he lost his head when people called for democracy.
Cromwell managed to establish something so powerful that made England one of the progressive societies.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Did he?

It's a complicated question, and one that I intend to delve into, blood, guts, and glory.

Haik said...

Although Cronwell had a leading position in the downfall of the monarchy but he didn’t do it alone. There were many movements involved in it. Not getting into details the English civil movements completely shattered the belief of the “Sovereign” and that the king is the ambassador of the God.
Even though kings and queens came back but it was different. They had to rely on the mercy of the people which they still do today.
The English civil war was not only about a war and killing it was about development of new ideas and discourse, one of the fascinating things is the True Levelers or Diggers. This was over 300 years before the French and American Revolution but 500 years after Tondrakian movement.