Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama picks Biden.

The attack on Georgia, who dunnit and why, McInsane, Suck-ass Willy, ... That's entertainment!

But here is the latest: Obama picks Biden as VP. A couple of sites with good coverage you may want to bookmark if you haven't done so already: This is where I go to for American politics, not that I endorse what they say, and not that I disagree--just good, clean, information, most of the time, from middle-class humanists:

Obama & Biden.

Biden is who will be President after they assassinate Obama, let me be clear. "They" at the very least think that assassinating Obama is an option. You know, considering Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, and John Kennedy, and Malcolm X, all assassinated within 5 years, and with no other assassinations before or after for decades and decades--of course Obama is a target.


Ani said...

Well, at least you are not defining "they" as Judeo-Masonic conspiracy...

Anyway, re Biden, who would have thought that Scranton, Pennsylvania would have become the "it" place this year! Seriously, he's got the foreign policy chops and attack dog personality people like in Vice Presidential running mates, so it's all good.

My personal pick was Maria Shriver (you get the Kennedys and eliminate Arnie at the same time, plus McCain personally insulted her--what was not to like?) But I guess she wasn't available :)

parisan said...

//Biden is who will be President after they assassinate Obama, let me be clear.//

Unless the president was to be Hillary Clinton. Read: I Smell A Clinton Coup Brewing...

As for conspiracies... not only mafia bosses engage in them!