Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pashinian: Untitled, Part A

Pashinian addresses the Zionist Conspiracy.

Pashinian: Untitled, Part A.
June 25, 2008

I have not witnessed it personally, but I've heard often that Armenian public television likes to show cadres attending our gatherings at Freedom Plaza among whom the Israeli national flag is waving, waving even on the platform. I cannot deny it, such things did take place. During the same day, the flags of France, the US, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, the EU, and, if I'm not mistaken, Poland and Lebanon were flown as well.

Who were the people who brought those flags to Freedom Plaza, and why? Those flags were brought by Armenian citizens who have relatives living in those countries. Those relatives had phoned-in and said that they were throwing their lot in with the people's movement. That is what those flags symbolized. It was a resident of Zeitoun that had brought the flag of Israel to the Plaza, whose son, in order to free himself from the harassment and corruption of the police, has permanently moved to Israel. But this is not the essential matter; the essential matter is why does Haylur constantly show the cadres with the Israeli flag? The reason is clear: To prove that our people's movement is a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. Truth be told, I've never taken such theories seriously, even if such talk of others [foreigners] has taken place. But even if dark and treacherous zionist forces do exist, then, as a member of the central staff of the people's movement, I am declaring right now that no foreign power--whatever its identity: Soros, zionism, I don't what--cannot govern us, lead us, or sponsor us, because that is what we have decided, that is what the first President Levon Ter-Petrossian has decided, because his jealousy regarding Armenia's independence is a story on to itself. We don't hide the fact that in our struggle we need the sponsorship of only one power--the Armenian people. Let us turn, however, to those who terrify the Armenian people with "zionist" conspiracies. I seem to recall that [the Sargsyan/Kocharian camp] did not show any signs of distress when Armenia's Jewish community announced its support for Serzh Sargsyan in the 2008 elections and the following period; in that case, why did those who are terrified by the "zionist" conspiracy not make any noise? To tell the truth, I feel a bit bad about having to deal with this issue, but I cannot--not--acknowledge that xenophobia is the only weapon of the awkward, criminal, and ignorant leadership. Leaders that stupefy, control, and lead to destruction their nations are wont to wave the flag of the Hebrew nations in front of their people's faces, like the toreador's red cape. And the animals at Haylur have decided to take our people for animals and govern them through reflex conditioning. And if the national flag of Israel does not suit the rulers of the Armenian Republic, then let them sever their diplomatic ties with Israel and dedicate funds from the national budget to erect a commemorative obelisk to Hitler that "eternally remembers" him.

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