Thursday, May 1, 2008

Six-part television interview with Pashinian.

I just came across this recently uploaded, February 18th (2008) television interview with Pashinian, with the interviewer asking the standard ridiculous questions and Pashinian demolishing them one by one:

Parts: one two three four five six

Compare that with this two-part interview with Kocharian from 1998, where Kocharian says he's going to be taking Armenian lessons if he becomes President, muses on the pleasure of punishment, and generally behaves almost exactly like the crude, limited, KGB minion who cares nothing about Armenia that Pashinian and Ter-Petrossian have described him as. His body language--the way he sits sinking in the chair with his legs apart, the way his chin thrusts forward and lower lip curves maliciously in a sneer, the way his eyes keep shifting like those of a violent criminal trying to come up with a lie--is literally revulsive.

Parts: one two

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