Monday, April 21, 2008

"Phoenix" in Armenian.

Փյունիկ -- Փիւնիկ -- Piunik -- Phoenix


parisan said...

At the end of its five-hundred-year existence, the Phoenix perches on its nest of spices and sings until sunlight ignites the masses. After the body is consumed in flames, a worm emerges and develops into the next Phoenix. - Adapted from Wikipedia.

The key words here would be: "...sings until sunlight ignites the masses."

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

That's very nicely put.

It's the Pennsylvania primaries today, one that will be key in deciding whether Clinton finally leaves the Democratic party alone with her vicious character assassinations or she keeps going on with her mad festival of destruction.

Several months ago, she had a 20 point lead in this state. Today, that lead has shrunk to about 7. If Obama wins, or if Obama looses by not more than 4 points, she will have to drop out. It's a close one.

I voted (for Obama, of course) a few hours ago. Polls will be closing at 8, in an hour. I'm on the edge of my seat, like everybody else.

People should know that Samantha Power, who was slated to be his foreign policy adviser, made a direct appeal to Armenians asking for their support and recognizing the Armenian genocide. You can watch it here:

She had to quit the campaign because she candidly told a reporter that Clinton is a "monster," an eminently accurate assessment, and the reporter treacherously printed it. In any case, having her as his adviser is yet another sign of Obama's being a unique politician, when the rest of them are hair-cuts.

Anyway, I've been caught up with US politics recently and other things, but as soon as this is over, I'll be continuing with the translations, assuming, of course, that I don't wind up with an ulcer.

parisan said...

I just found this comment of yours, after reading your most recent post, about which I wouldn't dare comment althought I could tell you that well-informed, independent sources told me much of what's in there, some time ago. "Goctrol" is usually understood as a "tour" if I am not mistaken.


American politics, Armenian politics, other countries' politics, nowadays everything is linked, and I am not surprised at all to see that the corrupt governments of the West remain mostly silent about what's happening in Armenia -- unless it suits their needs to raise their voice.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Parisan. I'm debating whether to use "tour" instead of "guest performances."

Obama lost in Pennsylvania, as you must have heard. And here I have a little insider info myself: Word is that the reason Obama lost is that he refused to pay the people who go around town convincing people to vote for a candidate money. It is a long standing tradition in Philly for candidates to do that; in other states people do that for free. Obama didn't pay; Clinton did.

In his concession speech he looked a little irritated in a way he never is, and I think it must have been because he was a little angry over losing an election on account of refusing to bribe people (maybe not exactly "bribe," but something close to it).

Anyway, North Carolina and several other states are coming up, and I'm confident that he is going to do well there.