Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Japanese study of the Armenian genocide.

AZG Armenian daily reports that a collection of essays on the Armenian genocide has been published in Japan by the scholar Hirohosi Sekawa (this is a transliteration of a transliteration), a professor at the University of Aichi Sangyo*. The article notes that Sekawa first heard about the genocide twenty years ago during a UN report on human rights. He began researching the event and published a number of articles on the subject. Aside from this book, he has published another one called "The Entirely Forgotten Armenian Genocide" in 2004. He visited Armenia and conducted research at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in 2002. More power to professor Sekawa.

*I looked it up, and I couldn't find a city called Sangyo in Aichi prefecture in Japan. There is a university in Kariya, however. UPDATE: Looks like there is an Aichi Sangyo University in the city of Okazaki-shi in Aichi prefecture. Thanks to Ani for finding that out.


Ani said...

Aichi Sangyo University
12-5 Aza-Harayama, Okacho,
Okazaki-shi, Aichi 444-0005 Japan

No, I don't speak Japanese, just Google :)

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Thanks, Ani.

Should-a, could-a, would-a googled, but didn't.