Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's rain on Serj's parade!

This is absolutely delicious. I found it in the comments section of Unzipped's blog (anonymous 4/8 19:37); I can't source it otherwise.


People of Armenia,

Tomorrow at 10 PM, we're all going to participate in Serj's parade in Republic plaza and RUIN IT.

We're going to go there as regular participants, listen to the music, and wait until sunset.

At around 11-11:30, after one or another song ends, we'll start chanting in unison, "Serjik, Go Away," "Freedom," "Free, Independent Armenia," and "Struggle, Struggle, Until the End," and with that ruin Serjik's opportunism.

Many of the other participants will join us. You can believe it.

People, an opportunity to gather and make our voices heard that is better than this cannot be imagined.

They, with their lack of foresight, are giving us a gift. And we will ruin their opportunism.

We ask you to please spread this news widely.



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