Monday, March 10, 2008

Paykar! -- Constitutional Court an "Obliging Tool"


#2. The Constitutional Court Publicizes its Decision
The Republic of Armenia’s Constitutional Court (CC) today announced its decision regarding the request to cancel the results of the 19th of February Presidential elections.

The first President of the Republic of Armenia and presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian and the people’s party head, Tigran Karapetian, had approached the CC and asked that it consider the results of the election null and void. From the beginning of the deliberations of the CC and judging from the carriage of the members of the court, it was obvious that that body had long forgotten the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and justice. But the pick-pocket can never be called a—criminal—until he picks a pocket.

Therefore, when the CC like an obliging slave did its job and denied recognizing the calls to consider null and void the declaration of Serj Sarkissian as president, it was no big surprise. It was long clear to everybody that the CC does not, in practice, decide anything and that the members of this body are the obliging tools of Armenia’s highest authority. Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court’s, Gagik Harutunian’s, boldness sufficed merely for him not to be the one who makes the decision public. He had transferred that act of great responsibility to Hrand Nazarian, who went ahead and read the Court’s decision. The proof that the content of the Courts decision was disgraceful, to put it mildly, we consider to be likewise obvious, because no one can present a falsehood as the truth.
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