Monday, March 10, 2008

Paykar! -- Intl. Women's Day Protest -- Boycott in Avan


#12. March 1st was a Day of Slaughter
On March 8th, International Women's Day, several tens of women dressed in black gathered in the courtyard of Yerevan's Saint Sarkis Church.

In spite of the announced state of emergency, after lighting candles in the church, they filed out toward Leo street. The women used black ribbons to tie flowers to trees. "Here, on the night of March the 1st, they literally destroyed the people. We have at least eight victims: That was a day of slaughter. For the Armenian woman, there exists no holiday, until we clean off of ourselves that blood of innocence," said the action's participants and called on women around the world to join them through similar actions.
(Armenian original here)

#10. They're Boycotting.
The residents of Yerevan's Avan district have announced a boycott campaign against the "Milena" taxi service.

The owner of this service is a member of the Republican party and before the presidential election was trying to preach in favor of Serj Sarkissian with white flags affixed to his taxis. On February 19th, the residents of Avan district were transported by this service's cars to voting areas to vote for Serjik. They have uniformly decided to no longer use "Milena" service and prefer to use another service.
(Original Armenian here.)


Libertarian said...

oh great ... another Armenian Anarchizt!!! Have you zeen ??

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Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

I should just as well say, Oh great, another Armenian libertarian. Therein lies the true tragedy.

In any case, I hope your misunderstanding is not a harbinger of more such misunderstandings to come: Nowhere in this blog has it been asserted that it is an anarchist blog.

That said, which type of anarchism, out of the many different types of anarchisms, do you think you are accusing me of?

nazarian said...

I was expecting some insights on the recent events on

Why is it so passive?

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

nazarian, I've been wondering the same thing. He came on strong, then suddenly quit. Maybe he got scared.

Libertarian said...
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