Friday, March 28, 2008

Proof of arrests, beatings, firings.

Lest anyone think that Pashinian below is exaggerating the situation in Armenia when he says that people have lost their jobs, been arrested for no reason, and so on, here is a report from the institute for war and peace reporting based in the UK documenting such cases. Note that the 135 figure is the one given by the state: It's the wolf saying how many sheep it's eaten---an unimpeachable source, to be sure.

Excerpt: Among 135 people in detention are two members of parliament, Myasnik Malkhasian and Hakob Hakobian, and former foreign minister Aleksandr Arzumanian.

Former prime minister Aram Sarkisian, the head of the opposition Republic Party, was accused on March 25 of organising unauthorised demonstrations and attempting to seize power. He is not in custody but is not being allowed to leave the country.

On March 26, Arshak Banuchian, the deputy director of Armenia’s ancient manuscripts institute, the Matenadaran, and a former colleague of ex-president and opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian, was detained on charges of disturbing public order.

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The editor of the Caucasus section is T de Waal, who wrote a VERY interesting analysis - see it at