Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LTP -- The Court's cesspool around Sargsyan -- 3/11 Interview: Pt. 1

Levon Ter-Petrossian: "I pity Serj Sargsyan"

Armenia's first President, Levon Ter-Petrossian, who is presently under house arrest, held an interview at his house in the evening of March 11th. Below we [Paykar newspaper] present the questions directed to him and the answers, with abbreviations.

[Levon Ter-Petrossians opening statement:] My having not held an interview sooner might be a bit puzzling, but I was waiting, first, for the decision of the Constitutional Court. I waited an additional three days until I received the decision in writing. I could not speak until that decision was in my hand. Now I've made an announcement about that decision:

"On March 5th, I invited the Constitutional Court's (CC) attention to two legal questions. According to article 78.1 of the Electoral Code, the Prime Minister could be officially registered as a presidential candidate of the Republic of Armenia under one condition--having the status of active President of Armenia. Because he did not have such a status, his registration is unlawful. Moreover, according to article 53.1 of the Constitution: 'The Republic's Presidential elections shall not to be held during a time of war or state of emergency.' 'Presidential elections' means the entire electoral process, starting from the declaration to the end of the time alloted to contestation--that is the decision of the Constitutional Court. Therefore, because the sessions of the Constitutional Court (CC) have taken place under those types of conditions, the elections cannot be considered valid or legal."

David Harutiunain, the representative of the Defense, registered in the courtroom his objection to these questions raised by my side. Thus, the CC had both the Plaintiff's and the Defense's opinions regarding article 78.1 of the Electoral code and article 53.1 of the Constitution; hence, the court was obligated to express its approach to those [articles] and arrive at a suitable resolution, which obligation it, amazingly enough, did not meet.

This means one thing. In order to avoid arriving at a legal impasse or creating an uncomfortable situation for itself, the CC avoided acknowledging the existence of even the least objectionable founding arguments that put the legality of the recent elections into question. But by preferring to avoid those founding arguments, the Court brought further dishonor and disgrace upon itself--demonstrably acknowledging implicitly the illegitimacy of the past election and opening-up a cesspool under Serj Sargisyan's legitimacy. I've entitled this announcement this way: "The Constitutional Court has encircled Serj Sargisyan's legitimacy with a cesspool."
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