Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eyewitness Account of March 1st -- Part 3

The authorities/oligarchs that started this storm didn't think to send large numbers of ambulances there, send Erebuni's reanimobiles [Russian for "rapid car," I think, so probably "ambulance"]. So what ought to these people answer for? My civilian's attitude that started with the lady who had fainted changed purely to the attitude of one who has taken Hippocrates's oath.

I asked V. and G. whether I could be of any help. They said they had everything under control. I took off. I spoke to D.. I asked him what was going on. He said things were tense where he was. They called me from home, alarmed, for the umpteenth time. I decided not to go there [back to the demonstrations] anymore with my filthy clothes. I came home thinking about D. and N.. My cell phone ran out of batteries on the way.

At 22.30 hrs., Kocharian declared a state of emergency--for 20 days.

I spoke to D., and it became clear that looting had started and that the police had fallen back. I asked them to please go home, since it was not worth dealing with looters. At 3 in the morning, Levon had urged his supporters by telephone to disperse. Later, I was convinced by many things that the looting had been provoked. Among those, the kadrs [Russian for "stills," I think] presented by the police showed people leaving out of stores with cases, without focusing on their faces. Very relaxed. So where had the police gone to then? Or was the guy who took the photographs really so courageous [Armenian: "eaten bear's meat"] that he hadn't minded taking pictures of marauding looters who would have murdered the lone photographer upon spotting him?

Moreover, I know eyewitnesses who saw the protesters arguing with them, asking them to stop looting.

P.S. Today, Kocharian made the rounds of the palaces of the wounded police, wishing them good health. Yet he again neglected the wounded civilians. Are they not humans to you, Mr. Kocharian? And you to them?

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