Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bruce Tasker: A Boon to Armenians

If you want to know what has been going on in Armenia, then, fortunately, there's a man who has uncovered the financial dealings and shady political shenanigans that have resulted in the corrupt Armenian government that--kills its own people.

As Tasker has pointed out, there is no record of any Armenian government killing its own people. It has never, ever happened. March 1st was the first time. Just think about that a minute. It is a real, serious tragedy, this Kocharian government.

It is a diseased government. The Kocharian government must go. If the government killing its own citizens hasn't convinced you, then the hard facts in Tasker's detailing of government corruption will:

Best of luck to Bruce Tasker. It is difficult to exaggerate the monumental importance of his work. Hopefully, mainstream Armenian newspapers will find their courage and publish his findings.


Bruce Tasker said...

Thanks that Armenaker Kamilion.

Unfortunately the mainline newspapers are controlled by the Armenian authorities, or by the international community, often linked to World Bank financing. So they will not and have not dared to touch this story.

The 168 Hours started the local newspaper coverage, following a 30th September article in the UK's Observer newspaper, which brought the matter to the attention of the Armenian community - and for that matter to the attention of Serge Sargsyan. 168 Hours gave as much coverage as they felt they could, although it also has Government connections, which eventually came into play. The Armenia Times newspaper has no problems with promoting the opposition story, so they gave our action good coverage until more attention was needed for the election, and then of course all went dead.

Together with the Government Accountability Project in Washington, we are now preparing a submission to Congress, so we will soon be moving up another gear.

And while I'm on, I feel I should express my appreciation to Onnik Krikorian, UK's independent photo-journalist, who was the first to pick up the story on his Oneworld blog

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Best of luck to you "going forward," to use a phrase from corporate boardrooms.

I suspect the WB's MO in Armenia is not too different from its MO elsewhere, all over the world. Each heaping bowl of corruption in each country has its own local flavor, no doubt, but something tells me that the WB and IMF have a top-down problem, all the way up to their instituting principle: bribery.

Kocharian and Sarkissian are the midget reduplications of a colossal mafia boss that seeks to declare a state of emergency on the whole planet, then commence devouring the populations in the manner of Goya's Saturn.

Stopping this inhuman beast is a task for the peoples of all nations, and I sincerely hope that other nations are fortunate enough to have people like Bruce Tasker monitoring the local advance of this life-threatening plague.