Friday, March 7, 2008

Paykar! -- An Eye for an Eye -- Struggle Will Continue


#1. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
[note: title in classical Armenian, or Grabar].
SYNOPSIS: An unnamed source from the Ter Petrossian camp says that members of the movement are collecting information on those individuals in the sitting government who are acting to oppress activists. The same is being done with regard to those who are aiding the movement. The unnamed source adds that these individuals must understand that in a short while they are going to be receiving their just comeuppance.
(Original Armenian here.)

#2. The struggle will continue.
The Russian paper Vremya Novostey yesterday published an article about the situation in Armenia. The article specifically notes that despite the fact that the government’s declared state of emergency gives it a distinct advantage, the situation in Armenia continues to remain unforeseeable. The article notes that the opposition is preparing for the resurgence of demonstrations immediately after the end of the state of emergency is announced on March 21st. The author states that the possibility is not being denied that the demonstrators might loose interest in the struggle by the 21st and return to their regular lives. It is indicative, however, that in making that supposition, the author simultaneously emphasizes that, in contrast to the opposition’s earlier protests that would come to an end after being dispersed by the police, this time the movement is being headed by the charismatic Levon Ter-Petrossian, whose rallies in the 1980s were able to bring about the downfall of the Soviet government in Armenia. Vremya Novostey writes that even is Serj Sarkissian successfully takes over the presidency in April, it won’t make a difference and his rule will not meet with peace because it has had its genesis in bloodshed and 52% of the vote, the reality of which figure is in doubt.
(Original Armenian here.)

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