Friday, March 7, 2008

Paykar! -- Agent Provacateurs Sighted March 1st


#17. Provocateurs would emerge from behind police lines.
Many of the residents of Grigor Lusavoritch street, who witnessed the events that took place there during the night of March 1, have reported how groups would emerge from police lines, throw rocks and molotov cocktails at the stores, then calmly return back through the police.

The residents bear witness that the same group that had attacked the Mayor's office of Yerevan emerged from police lines--while the police "kindly" opened up a path for them--and returned back behind police lines later. The same happened with regard to attacks on other targets. The most comical thing is that there are passages (?) in the police records wherein it is clear how those men who "looted" Lphik Samo's store calmly walked past the police with their booty in hand, without any of the police trying to interfere or stop them. Too boot, before the "Yerevan City" oligarchs' operation, not only had the main portion of the store's inventory been removed and transported to a different location, but there are testimonies that the remaining inventory, removed from the store after the operation, was taken with their cars to a different location, likely to their storehouses, while a small portion was taken by "Lfik"'s bashibozuks (criminal vets, ruffians) and dumped into police cars, so that they could use it later to make trouble for the participants in the protests.

Employees of the "Yerevan City" chain of stores belonging to National Assembly deputy Samvel Aleksanian, "Lfik Samo," bear witness that the main portion of the inventory of Mashtots Avenue's "Yerevan City" had been emptied prior to the attack on that store on the night of March 1st.

In other words, the "looting" of "Lfik"'s store had been planned beforehand, and the owner with his bashibozuks had transported the goods found there somewhere else and allowed only a small portion of the inventory to be "destroyed." In eyewitness accounts of the "looting," witnesses have identified the looters of "Yerevan City": the very same employees of the store who with metal pipes in their hands smashed up their employer's store left and right. That is to say, in the case at hand, there is no doubt in people's minds that the destruction of "Yerevan City" was organized by the oligarchs, themselves, while the operation was realized by their bashibozuks.
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